Lets talk one of our top favorite things to do....TRAVEL! We absolutely LOVE traveling. Our hearts yearn to see and go everywhere.

We realize a lot of couples might find their ideal photographer/videographer out of their home state and might be instantly turned off thinking it would be a hassle to book or if the vendor even travels to shoot weddings or not.

Well, WE DO. All we require aside from our package of your choice is, full roundtrip airfare tickets and a hotel/airbnb compensation from the days spent there. Thats it! We will take care of food, vehicle, etc.


Can we be honest with you? We don't want to only simply 'capture' your special day. Cause honestly, if thats the case you can borrow your grandfather's camcorder, run to best buy, buy a $20 tripod, and record your wedding yourself. (That was just a joke...Please...PLEASE don't do that.)

One of our phrases we like to express a lot, "Let's Create Together". Our vision and desire to create 'with' you. What do you want? How do you see your photos and wedding film looking like? 

We want your day to be captured & expressed so uniquely special that when you look back 20 years from now it'll take you right back and allow you to relive that fairytale all over again. 


Let's talk a little bit about our Faith. Okay okay so, I am well aware this is something you may have not been expecting to run into while searching for your wedding photographer.

However, If you're considering us for your big day why not know everything about us right? ;)

We're 100% faith driven & lover's of Jesus. We dedicate everything and all to God because we whole heartedly believe we our merely nothing without Him. 

Our journey individually & together has been a bumpy one, and it'll probably even get bumpier, but we rely on our Faith, Family and Friends to mend & hold us together. :)