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this is msm image.

and here's how it all started...

A filmmaking company based out of
Tampa, FL who have a passion for story-telling.

Here at MSM Image we believe video is the most important investment you can ever make. If you really stop & think about it, this is the only tangible thing you will walk away with from your wedding day that makes you FEEL everything that transpired on the biggest day of your life. 

We want you to choke up and feel like you're right there all over again each & every time you watch your wedding film. 


the story.

Every couple has their own unique story. 
It is our mission to be able to craft your love story and tell it in the most cinematic way possible.The way we craft our films is narrowed down to each individual couple. You want you to feel like you're reliving your day every time you watch you wedding film.


the brand.

You're probably scrolling down our site or found us on Instagram & wondered "what in the world does MSM stand for?". Back in 2017 when we started this business we always desired for it to feel like a personal brand and not commercial feel. We named it MSM after my (Michael) initials.


the experience.

The experience we provide is such an essential role to our desire in what we do. It is what you will remember about your encounter with us us from years to come. Our experience from us goes far beyond your wedding day alone. It starts from your very first email to us & beyond.


what our couples say.



Originally, we weren’t going to do a wedding video, until I saw Michael’s work and was blown away. His videos are so unique and customized to each couple. I’m so glad we had Michael as our videographer, he captured our day perfectly!
 We decided to elope in Sedona, Arizona. Michael went above and beyond when the day came. He got there early to get footage of the scenery, scoped out the area, and had a plan in place. 

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