The man behind the lens...

My name is Michael. I was born and raised in Tampa, FL by two amazing loving parents. Early childhood years wasn't the easiest walk for me but I am a firm believer that those days is what formed me into the man I have become today. A little bit about me? Hmm...well, I love mainly 3 things. Pizza, Creating, and Jesus. In no particular order, but one always comes first, I'll let you figure that out. *whispers Jesus*

Ever since I can remember I had a strong passion to create. Whether if it was staying up until 4am to learn a new program, or to edit the same photo for consecutive hours until I get it right. It's sort of therapeutic to me I guess. With that being said, needless to say I am a perfectionist. Anything I touch my goal is to make it gold, and won't relent until otherwise.

Well thats enough about me, I want to get to know you! Hit that contact button up at the top of this page and ask me anything that's on your mind...price packages, scheduling, what's my favorite pizza...anything!